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Mice Removal in Toronto We specialize in mice extermination in Toronto, with so many rodent control techniques to completely exterminate all mice from your home or business property, our mice control services are highly affordable and much lower than other mice control companies in Toronto GTA area. If we aren't able to solve all your rodent problems, we will give you all your money back guarantee. We offer our commercial mouse control clients, with effective mice prevention and management programs which will ensure any future rodent infestations are prevented.

What are some signs of mice infestationSometimes people never actually see the mice in their home, they make noise like scratching, scampering, gnawing in attics, inside walls and ceilings, a trained mouse exterminator can spot mice activity, mouse droppings are dark brown and shaped like a grain of rice about 5 mm long. These droppings can be found inside your home under the kitchen sink, behind your fridge, stove, dishwasher, inside the furnace room and garage.

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What are mice ?House mice are small rodents of the order Rodentia, they are nocturnal (active at night) in nature and seen during the daytime. Mice infestations are common in Toronto, they are distributed worldwide and can be found throughout Canada. Mice with pathogenic microorganisms in their bodies contaminate food or water source through their activities or feces, causing human illnesses, and are vectors of many diseases (plague, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, leptospira, typhus, and relapsing fever). They can also cause structural damage to homes and virtually to any type of building through gnawing, nest building, and defecation, they will chew on the insulation around wires, this has been known to cause a real threat of fire to homes in Toronto.

How to eliminate mice from your house ?Below are a few ways that can help you to eliminate mice from your house.

Exterior inspectionWhen dealing with rodents, inspecting the structure of your property for entry points is very important, since homes get older, mice find ways to get in, exterior rodent inspection should be done at least ones a year.

Close holes and gapsBlocking holes so mice cannot enter your property such as weep vents, cracks in foundation, air-conditioning lines, gas pipe holes, damaged vents, garage doors, hood holes. Mice are cartilaginous and can go back and forth 6 mm holes, use steel wool to plug and fill it with a foaming agent.

Where do mice live ?House mice prefer to live in dark, secluded places such as paper products, wall insulation, cotton, fabrics, and packing materials. They are also found in Kitchens, toilets, sewers, debris piles, garbage dumps, etc., move back and forth between germ-carrying places and clean places. The environment where people live has abundant food sources, water sources, and human-made dead spots suitable for habitat and reproduction. They like to live in and around house structures such as storage boxes, wall voids, barns, attics, lofts, sheds, basements, crawl spaces, warehouses, cabinets, and many other similar places.

What do mice eat ?The Diet of mice depends on their habitat, but usually, it prefers grain products including wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat. They adapt to human life and eat all the free things they can get such as bread, grains, dairy products, lard, candy, and sausage. They do not need a lot of water, because mice can get water from plant leaves, vegetables and fruits. Consumes approximately 3g per day.

Mice growth and reproductionThey have strong reproductive ability, good adaptability, and high survival probability, so their numbers grow very quickly. They can mate all year round. The gestation period is about 21 days. Maximum of 8 litters per year with 5-6 young per litter. Mice mature early, have strong fertility, and have a life span of 1 to 3 years.

Nibbles on furniture and clothingThe incisor teeth of a mouse are constantly growing throughout its life. Therefore, the mouse needs to bite something to smooth out the growing teeth. Then the furniture in our home will suffer.

Can mice climb or swim ?Mice are excellent jumpers, swimmers and climbers. They can jump a foot into the air, allowing them to easily climb areas to access food. To prevent mice from getting into your food, store all pantry items items in plastic containers.

Can a mouse jump ?A mouse can jump four or five times its body length, crawl along an almost vertical plane, stand upside down, swim, and jump from a height of 15 meters without any problems.

Rodent urineThe smell of mouse urine has a strong ammonia-like smell. The stronger the odor, the longer the activity or population. This smell may last for a while.

How do professionals get rid of rodents ?There are many rodent extermination techniques to eliminate them, utilizing commercial traps and baits, baiting snap traps is a skill, also identifying and closing all entry points is important, the technician will provide you with a list of must to follow recommendations.

Cost of mice removal in Toronto ?The price of mice removal will depend on the kind of infestation that you have, an average mouse extermination costs approximately $300 to $400 with the customer spending an average amount of $350 for the removal service that includes consultation and a full detailed property inspection, our technician will perform an inspection, create a treatment plan and provide you with some recommendations.

When to call a mouse exterminator ?If you see a mouse or discover droppings in your home or business, it's the best way to call a pest control expert, contact a licensed pest control professional to conduct an inspection and recommend a proper course of treatment to get rid of house mice.

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